8 comments on “June’s Contest and… The Special Project Cover REVEALED!

  1. I wonder when I can write. Been waiting so long i am confused about where to read it from the start

    • You can write now! I actually think that would be a good decision. If you need a little help writing, look at my message to Foldawan post. Are you going to enter something in my contest?

  2. Maybe. Can’t decide between Mini Star Destroyer and Foldy-Wan.

    BTW I know what to do by write on pad o paper with doodles. I just don’t know what to write and where to start from. Like what goes on b4 meh chapter.

  3. Camster, what happened?
    I just looked at ultrafolderorigami, and noticed that post… That is why no one has been commenting. Im so clueless… I tell you I was hacked or something… please, help me 😥

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