14 comments on “The Entries Must Continue!

  1. Hi Cam ! Im pretty sure u heard about how my site got deleted. I read the terms of service , and i think u have to be 13 to have a site. ( I think ) . Also I MIGHT be in the contest if WordPress gives me back my site. Also what’s the deadline for the June Contest anyway ?

  2. Yo Cam ! I got Great news ! i have a new site ! AND its a WEEBLY site , not a WORDPRESS one ! the URL is foldigami. weebly.com . i hope it comes up on Google . My submission is a doodle of Origami Yoda ! hope U can check it out !

  3. Oh good! But if you ever want to, you can be a webmaster of my site! And Cam, for me, typing the chters is worse, because it, for me, looks cooler and more Tom Anglebergerish with doodles and stuff. But I cant do anything about it, so 😕

  4. Can I email my entry? It is so monsterly bolt that I don’t even want to release it to the public before the contest starts.

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