9 comments on “The Contest and Origami Trading Cards!

  1. (This was so tough, but) MY JUDGING:

    Group 1:

    1. OrigamiYoda30

    2. PaperDragon

    Group 2:

    1. John

    2. Captain_Origami

    3. Dark Palkia

    OK, once again, that was super tough…

  2. My Judging (if this is offensive in any way that you maybe are in last place, please don’t take offense. Its just my opinion. 🙂 )
    Group 1.

    1. OrigamiYoda30

    2. Paper Dragon

    Group 2.

    1. Dark Palkia

    2. John

    3. Captain_Origami

    Ok, that’s my judging. Byeee

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