6 comments on “INTERVIEWS!

  1. Ok, lets see,
    My favorite fold is hard to say, I’ve made so many. Fo now I thinks its my 1 piece General grievous. My favorite type of fold, Well, I don’t really have a favorite, But I use the squash fold a lot on my designs so probably that. As for tips: always fold the paper in half when you start (long ways) to make sure your folds are even, when you fold them in. When folding into 3rds, Try to get it as even as possible, so one side isn’t bigger then the other. When you want to have rounded corners on the chin and body, made a pleat, and reverse fold the corners in, then fold them back. Or just make a squash fold. hope this helps any readers. Thanks Cam!

  2. Answers:
    1: Definitely the dragon of Kade Chan
    2: Of course! If you want a good doodle of Gandalf for example, you can train your habilities by making big drawings of him first. First making the sketches and then re-drawing it with pen. Then, when you are sure you can make it easily, start drawing Gandalf little (not so little) with the same steps you followed in the big version. If you practice and practice and practice, you will be able to make Gandalf without making the sketches!
    3: I have been doodling since I was 4 years old and I enjoy it, but actually I fold more than draw. But, sometimes when I´m trying to make an origami I draw how the model should look, so the answer is: I like more drawing than folding!

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