Episode 3- Battle of the Cad Banes

A short time ago, in a school not so far, far away…




It is a strange time at Bell Middle School…

Lukas is determined to get revenge on Chuck, who blew his Cad Bane to bits. Since Chuck reveals Cad Bane is HIS puppet, things get fiesty.

Cam, a friend of Lukas, is recording the staredowns and showdowns in a case file with his friends…


by Cam

Puppet Wars continues! I don’t think there has been as much grudge as there will be in this episode.

Lukas has been trying to get revenge on Chcuk, who destroyed his Cad Bane puppet.

Lukas said that Cad Bane was hard and his best one yet. He made one a few days after it was destroyed, but he says it’s not as good as the last one.

Though Bella (who had Chewbacca and Han) said it wasn’t jedi-like to get revenge, Lukas reminded her that Cad Bane was a bounty hunter, not a jedi…


My Puppet Came to Life Again!

by Lukas

So I made my new cad bane and it was no where near as good as my first. So I talked to cad and here is our conversation…

Me: I don’t want revenge any more Cad.

Cad: To bad your getting revenge.

Me (Shocked): What?!

Cad: You heard me. Now give me my gun.

Me: No.

Cad: Give me my gun right now or I’m goin… Wait I have one in my hand already. Now you are getting revenge or your get it!

Me (In my head): I can’t believe I made actual shooting origami guns with mini needles.

Me (Out loud): Ok, ok!

Cad: good.

End of Conversation

Lukas’s Comment: Guys I read the case file and Kyle said that Boba was sent on a task and then he came back Thursday. What was Boba’s task and what was he doing in the time between then and Thursday.

Cam’s Comment: Hmm…


The Remains

by Kyle

After the whole Darth Paper crisis, I looked everywhere for my stuff (Which I found eventually) But… Then later, I found something. The remains of the original Cad Bane! I keep them in my locker in case something else goes wrong.


Uh oh…

by Jake

Okay, so Cam just informed me about whats goin’ on, since I was sick.

What he told me was that Lukas got, like, really mad, and that Chuck went to the Dark Side. So, I was just playing Pencil Wars with John (The podracing one by the way), and then all of a sudden Chuck comes out of nowhere, and smirks at us . I sigh.

“What do you want, Chuck?”

“Oh, nothing from you JACOB, but give this message to Lukas for me.”

“Okay, sheesh, dude, just leave us alone.”

And Chuck stalked off, like he was a king or something.

” I wonder what it says,” John tells me .

“I don’t know, I guess we should stop and give this piece of paper to Lukas.”

“Okay, ” John replies. So we walk over to Lukas, who was talking to Cam .

“Hey guys, Chuck told us to give this message to you,” John says.

“What does it say?” Cam and Lukas ask.

“Lets find out,” me and John say.

Dear Lukas, as you know, I have ripped your precious Cad bane. But if you decide to get revenge meet me after school on Friday. See you soon -Chuck

Lukas looks up from the paper and says, “I have a bad feeling about this.”


What Happened Friday

by Chuck

For some odd reason, Cam wanted me to talk about it because I saw all the detail… mostly because was the one starting everything, but anyway, lets talk about what happened:

So, it was Friday after school and of course, I saw Lukas walking down to see me and… I was ready for a fight!!! 😈

There was a HUGE crowd ready to see our Cad Banes battle it out! 😈 I put out my Cad and Lukas does too.

“You ready?” I said in a dark voice.

“You bet,” he replied, with a grin.

“Okay then. LET THE FIGHT BEGIN!!!!!!”

People everywhere were chanting were all of the sudden silent as Lukas had his Cad Bane puppet fire needles at me. My Cad Bane swatted them away. I dashed right at him, just as he did, too. We both jumped, ready to do slash with our Cad Banes, but we both miss.

Cam could hardly look (that’s why he asked me to do this, I think). Right then I took out my Airsoft Guns and fired at Lukas’s Cad Bane. His Cad Bane got out of the way, but Lukas got hit in the mouth. He fell. I dashed at him, but I tripped over the fired needles and I landed on my face too. When he got up, he going to do another move when I jumped up and threw Cad Bane at his eye. Lukas’s Cad Bane fired a needle and I landed face first in the sand (again). I got up while he was dashing at me,and  threw my Cad Bane at his feet. Trying to avoid tripping over it, Lukas sidestepped the origami, but feel in the process. The battle was over, I won!!!!!

Lukas’s Comment: That’s not how it went.


What Really Happened Friday

by Lukas

What Chuck wrote was not true!! Here’s what really happened:

I didn’t want to go to the meeting with Chuck Friday. But I remembered Cad Bane, and his needle gun… so…

I met Chuck in the playground Friday. A huge crowd was watching. We had a staredown, and then, all at once, Chuck took out an Airsoft Gun and fired. It missed my Cad Bane, who had started firing needles. And then, all in one motion, Chuck slid towards me. I jumped over, turned around and… fired with my Nerf Gun.

Chuck didn’t get hit by the bullet. But his Cad Bane did. Flying off his finger at impact, it landed in near the swings. Chuck dove to save his Cad Bane, and successfully blocked my shot.

He took Cad Bane and ran. Fast!

I didn’t want him getting away, but it’s obvious that I finally got revenge!

Chuck’s Comment: That’s not what happened. Who do YOU believe, Cam?

Cam’s Comment: Ahem…


What REALLY happened Friday

by Cam

Okay, so Chuck said I covered my eyes. That was true. But I left a crack to watch the fight through. Here’s what actually happened:

There was a crowd. That was true.

The staredown. Also true.

But neither said what REALLY happened at the beginning: They both fell on uneven sand. Chuck, not losing a beat, rolled toward Lukas. Lukas got up instead, giving him a huge advantage. And he pulled out, that’s right, a Nerf Gun. Chuck fired an Airsoft Gun from below, but missed. Lukas fired his Nerf Gun at Chucks Cad Bane, which was now covered in sand. It missed, but the shot distracted Chuck as Lukas pulled out a plastic lightsaber and swung at Chuck. And missed.

Chuck, seemingly having the same plans, pulled out HIS plastic lightsaber. Lukas and Chuck battled fiercely through the playground, trading strikes and blocks. Even though it was a serious battle, I have to say, it was epic. They were both really good. Lukas got knocked down from a strong hit from Chuck. Dodging strikes, he rolled over to the treehouse the playground had built. He climbed up the ladder, and as Chuck came after, he lost balance and fell back into the soft sand. They battled their way to the top. Once they got to the top, they fiercely struck each other. And then, Lukas pulled out Cad Bane who fired needles. Chuck, hurt by these, pulled out his Cad Bane to block the needles. But it was no use. Now in escape mode, Chuck went onto the slide where he made his escape. It spiraled around the tree as they went in circles. Lukas’s Cad Bane kept firing needles.

None of the needles hit Chuck on the slide. But one hit his Cad Bane. Cad Bane fell off his finger, and went of the side of the slide.

Xavier, who was watching next to me, dove for the falling Cad Bane. And got it. He buried it in the sand. Now we just waited.

Chuck came around and came to the end of the slide. He started circling the slide, looking for Cad. Eventually Lukas caught up with him. Lukas took the lightsaber, way above his head, and slashed at Chuck. Chuck, hurt, dove into the sand. Uncovering his Cad Bane.

He fired an Airsoft Gun at Lukas, keeping him at a distance. Then, he scooped up Cad Bane, and ran.


The Mystery Gets Untangled

by Cam

So, that battle at the end really confused me. Was Chuck going to stop bringing Cad Bane? Well, that wasn’t the case. I saw he kept bringing him anyway.

A few days later, I talked to Chuck.

Cam (me): Why are you still bringing, Cad, Chuck? I thought we were over this.

Chuck: Oh, Cam, this is just the beginning.

Cam: Stop with the secrets. What’s going on?

Chuck: *Sigh* Listen, if you guys stop bugging me, I’ll give you a good hint.

Cam: Okay, which is…

Chuck: I’m not the least of your troubles.

And silently, he pointed at one of the kids at his table. Ethan. He had something on his finger. A Sith. It was— Y7832TY (MWAHAHA! BLACKED OUT BY CHUCK! DON’T JUST GIVE MY SECRET MASTER AWAY!)


To be continued in another episode…


Credits: sfcamster (me) as Cam,  LTROCKS as Lukas, Foldawan as Jake, OY217 as Lukas, and captainorigami as Chuck!

Edited by sfcamster. Special thanks to captainorigami and LTROCKS for being the cover stars! Cad bane instructions by Xavier!


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  1. Cool

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  3. Made my own for the oy book i was making

    • Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I wrote a chapter but it is not up there! 😦

  5. Just submitted a chapter! 🙂

  6. You got a chapter from me Cam btw. :mrgreen:

  7. Who is Kyle?

    • Me

      • Was the remains of the “original” cad bane the remains of my cad bane? By the way I’m lukas.

      • yes

  8. Im Xavier, obviously. And i think its one of the old republic sith! Darth Malgus, Darth Bane, Darth Plageuis, Darth Nhilius, and darth Malak

  9. I didn’t write the battling chapter by myself!

  10. You should have gotten another chapter by me.

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