Contest Winners

This page will be edited every time there’s a new winner!

March Contest: Jessenia!


The Camster Origami Championships kicked off with a bang. 12 contestants entered, in which normally 4 would move onto round 2.

Due to some lack of rules, 6 ended up moving on. Rules were then added. Michael, Jessenia, alexdarth, origamaster217, StookyLukey, and Chippy battled in round 2! Chippy, Jessenia, and Michael advanced to the finals! After a little confusion, Jessenia was named winner.

April Contest: Tyler!

Storyline: Starting with 11 contestants, the April Contest was a little uneven. After round 1 the top 4 who moved on were John, Michael, Chippy, and StookyLukey! Tyler, the 5th place contestant, got to continue as well.

That was the finals! In the finals the winner was… Tyler! The 5th place contestant had come back to win!

May Contest: Chippy!

Storlyline: May’s Contest was a little uneven in the groups. There were 11 contestants total, so 3 groups had 3 contestants, while the one group had 2.

Jessenia, Chippy, Zod, and Xavier moved on! In the end it was Xavier and Chippy in the finals. It was close, but Chippy won!

June Contest: Xavier!

Storyline: This time, the contest entries were at a great number: 8! We got to have 2vs2 in round 1. Xavier, DarkPalkia, Tyler, and John moved on.

Xavier and Tyler moved on! In the finals, Xavier came away with the win!

August Contest: Tyler

Storyline: August had 4 contestants: Tyler, John, CaptainOrigami, and LTROCKS. In Group 1 there was Tyler and John up against each other, while in Group 2 it was LTROCKS and CaptainOrigami! Tyler and Captain moved on to face each other, and Tyler came away with his second Camster Origami Championship Award!

September Contest: John!

Storyline: In the September Contest, there were 5 contestants. In one group, SFMinion and SFMichael rivaled, while in another it was John and Xavier and Dumcheese who battled!

John and Michael moved on! In the finals, John won by a vote and won his 1st Camster Origami Championship Award after contending in 6 of the 7 contests (including this one).

October Contest: Pauseen!

Storyline: 5 contestants to start but late entry Pauseen got added to the finals!

First off: Michael beat Myr_Myr, and Chippy beat Captain_Origami. A very close competition, and the origami was amazing, the first round was unpredictable. It makes sense to say the finals were even tougher, which Michael entering a great Patrick Star, Pauseen entering his signature Yoda, and Chippy entering his Tardis!

In the end, Pauseen won, becoming the 7th champion. (Well, technically 6th, since Tyler won twice.)

November Contest: Tyler!

January Contest: Xavier!

February Contest: OrigamiYoda30!

March Contest: OrigamiYoda30!

May Contest: Captain_Origami!

Tri-Jedi Tournament #1: Captain_Origami!

Storyline: Introducing a new method of origami contests, I challenged two good friends of mine, Captain_Origami and OY30, to a challenge of super-hard origami folding.

Each champion chose a piece for us to fold, resulting in 3 rounds.

We folded the Kawahata Yoda, the Kade Chan Dragon, and Finn (from Star Wars), if my memory is correct.

Captain_Origami took 1st, while I and OY30 tied for 2nd place.

Tri-Jedi Tournament #2: Captain_Origami!

Storyline: Trying once again, I challenged two friends of mine—Captain_Origami and Chipchompdoodles—to an origami contest.

Folding 3-D origami, a Death Trooper, and a grumpy cat, we folded and showcased our skill.

Captain_Origami once again came away with the win, for his 3rd title in a row. Chipchompdoodles took 2nd, and I took 3rd.

Alumni Origami Tournament: Xavier and Sonic12012!

Storyline: 7 superfolders submitted creations from their past, resulting in an epic two-round contest that ended with three finalists—Mega3Nerdy, Xavier, Sonic, and Captain_Origami (later disqualified due to realization he had already entered once).

After some confusion, we came away with a tie between Xavier and Sonic!

2017 October Origami Contest: Nick_The_Jedi!

Storyline: SFs entered from Nick_TheJedi, ComicColin, and KitFisto_18 moved on after a fierce first round. Nick_the_Jedi won by a vote in the finals with his Kylo Ren!

2018 June Origami Contest: SF_CJ!

Storyline: Six Superfolders, entering through, competed in this June Origami Contest. Through the first round, SF_CJ, Forcefolder1, and R2_Ski2 advanced. In the finals, SF_CJ took the win!


6 comments on “Contest Winners

  1. I just realized, the brackets make no sense… the people who qualified should have battled to get 3rd…
    Jessenia should have gotten 3rd at the max…
    and you took 2 qualifiers from 1 group…
    makes no sense not to be mean :/
    so technically, the contest is still on between me and chippy >:D

  2. I want to be in the origami contest

  3. I want to be in the origami contest

  4. I did not use tape

  5. Huh, I didn’t know I won 😆

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