Episode 2- The Fall of Anakin

A short time ago, in a school not so far, far away…




In the middle of confusion, Bell Middle School is being plunged into darkness by an evil event.

It happens to a good kid Xavier, and suddenly things are not as they used to be. Friends of Xavier put their heads together and try to understand what is going on…



by Bella

So, uh… I was at the mall, shopping for clothes and stuff. I was going to Starbucks (I was getting a chocolate chip cookie), but then…

I ran into Xavier. He had his puppet Anakin, but… it seemed like Anakin had a Darth Paper mask partially over his face! He just sorta hung out of his pocket. Xavier was buying something at one of  those stands. But my question was: What WAS he buying?

I looked at the stuff the stand was selling to get an idea. Remote control things? I was confused.

So I just continued on. Sure, I saw a Darth Paper mask, but it didn’t seem like a big deal. However, the next day, I told our Origami Club (except Xavier, of course) about it. But then I realized something. Xavier was at another table, fidgeting with something familiar. The remote control thing.

Who knows what he could be doing…


The Fall of Anakin

by Cam

Wow. Just wow. The Dark Side really is powerful. And now it’s taken over Bell Middle School.

Let me explain. 6th Grade had just started when Josh moved away. He was a really awesome friend, so it was really sad to have to say goodbye to him.

But it get’s worse! Xavier’s Anakin has become Darth Paper. Not only was that bad, but Sterling partnered with him with his Royal Guards. The changes have been horrible. However, Xavier isn’t a bad guy. He’s a good guy. I thought Luke pleading to Vader from the movies that he’s good, and Vader goes back to the Light Side. So that’s what I hope happens with Xavier. We are going to write our experiences of him being a good guy (some with origami Anakin). In the end, we’ll hopefully show it to him and the Dark Side will go away and he once again will embrace the Light Side.

Our first case file, “A New Fold”, answered the question, “Is the Force real?” This case file is going to (hopefully), “Can we convince Xavier he’s a good guy?”

I sure hope it works…

Kyle’s Comment: Okay, so… How can Darth Paper be on the Dark Side if Xavier isn’t? Is Darth Paper real? Is Xavier evil?

Cam’s Comment: I think the whole thing is pretty confusing. My theory is that Darth Paper is real, but Xavier’s good. Our first case file sort of proved our puppets could use the Force. So maybe… if they’re real Darth Paper is real. But I hope Xavier’s good, or this whole case file won’t really help…


What’s Going On?

by Jake

Hey! I’m writing this chapter because of what happened. A very little while back my good friend Cam informed me that our friend Xavier’s puppet Anakin transformed into Darth Paper! At first i was like NO WAY! Then I realized that it IS true! Xaviers been off lately…



by John

I’ve been on vacation lately and have not been at school, when I got back, I went to go say hey to my friends because I was gone.

I went to Xavier’s house first. His mom opened the door, and said, “Hey john! How was vacation?”

“Great!” I replied, “I came to say hey to Xavier, is he here?”

“Umm, he is on the phone now, sorry.”

“Thats okay,” I replied,

I was very confused when I heard him say, “OK Chuck, I’ll see you tonight.”

Who was Chuck? Then I just sorta shrugged to myself and I walked to the rest of your houses…


The END of Xavier!!!

by Chuck

Fine!!! I’ll write about what I did to Xavier, thanks to your little finger puppets!! 👿

First, I have to talk about who I am: the name’s Chuck. I’m friends Xavier… even If I’m two years older. OK, last night I was envited to his house for a sleep over…….And then he talked to me about what was going on. How his puppet Anakin told me about your useless little case file!!

“I thought they always made fun of you?” I said.

“They do,” he said. Cam’s Note: Totally untrue!

“Then they’re trying to trick you!! When they bring you to the good side, they will start to make fun you again. Why are they even you friends? They aren’t good at all……….. There worse then even the Dark Side probably.”

“Your right. So does that mean I should go further into the Dark Side?”

“I guess that’s the only way.”

“Then I will!!”

Then, the next day at school, we were walking to together when Xavier’s weird friends came.

“Hello, Xavier,” said Cam.

“Let me through,” Xavier quietly said.

“What?” asked John.

“I said,” he said, in a calmer voice, “Please get away!”

“What for?” replied Lukas, I have to admit, pretty calmly.

“ I know what your going to do when you bring me back to the Light Side. Your going to make fun of me like you guys always do, so I’m not listening to you anymore!”

“Who got this in your head?” asked Cam.

This is the interesting part: I pulled out my two airsoft guns (just for emergency’s) and pointed at Cam and Lukas and pulled out my Cad Bane. He said this: “Not one more word Xavier or any of you. And if you haven’t realized, Xavier is fully DARK SIDE so that means your to late!!”

“Hey!!!!!!!!! I already have Cad Bane!!” yelled Lukas.

“Not for long,” I said, then shot his Cad into paper pieces. Then, your finger puppets forced me to do this. Ya, that’s all what happened.

P.S The principal confisticated my airsoft guns. Ugh.

Cam’s Comment: This was SUPER discouraging. But in the end, we all agreed to continue, and keep everything a secret…


The New Student

by Hansel

Cam’s Note: Now we have MORE trouble…

I just moved to a new school and there is all ready madness going on! Some kid named Xavier has this origami Anakin puppet. And now I am hearing that Anakin became evil. On my first day I had some kids telling me to join the Dark Side and others to join the Light Side. I said neither. So, I folded a General Grievous and made a army of drones. I gave the drones to some random kids. Our first mission was to destroy Foldy-Wan so that I have the chance to tell Xavier/Anakin to stay in the dark side.

Cam’s Comment: Uh-oh…


More Mysteries

by Kyle

I went to my Locker to get Boba and found this:

“Dear Kyle,

You may have noticed your puppet is missing. I hired your bounty hunter to perform a task. He will return on Thursday.” -Darth Paper

Kyle’s comment: “I have A bad feeling about this.”

Cam’s Comment: Agreed.



Xavier, This is For You…

by Cam

Xavier, you were one of my best friends. Remember that time that we went to the park and got ice cream? And then when we finally got to the pond, we sat down and were about to have the ice cream… when I dropped my ice cream. But you were nice enough to go back and get me another one. You are awesome, Xavier! Please come back to the Light Side!


Come Back Xavier!

by Jake

Xavier, remember when you were willing to help me when I was framed? That was showing lots of kindness! I think everyone agrees is that somethin’ is seriosly wrong! I have a VERY bad feeling about this… please come back!


The Return of Boba

by Kyle

On Thursday, I went to get Boba and…. He was there. Nothing else was. “How did he do it???!!!” I thought I mean Xavier must have SOME involvement… he was such a nice guy! I can’t imagine him being evil. Xavier when you read this please understand that you are total rockets and are a great friend!

Until we understand everything though… I’ll just say this…this is really strange.


No More Dark Side!

by Lukas

I was so sad and mad when my Cad Bane was destroyed and I was going to one day get revenge but then I didn’t want to go to the dark side and I sat at my desk in my room and I started trying to tape Cad back together.

Xavier, please turn good! It was mean what Chuck did. You know that’s not right! Please come back!


Dear Xavier,

My name is Augusten. I’m Lukas’s friend. He doesn’t talk about me much because I’m not much to talk about. But I’ve heard Lukas talking about you, Xaiver. He said how great you were and I really wanted to meet you… but then Lukas said you turned evil and now he just sits at his desk in his room and doesn’t let people enter. Please come back Xaiver. Not so Lukas can talk to me again, but because I want to meet the good you.

Signed: Augusten



Xavier and Anakin

by Cam

So… we had this big case file, full of Dark Side and Light Side clashing together. Now that we had finished it, we gave it to Xavier together at home. He looked sorta funny at it.

“Please read it,” I said, and left it with him.

Xavier flipped through it. We sat quietly on his bed while he read it at his desk. There was a long silence. The tension was thick as peanut butter. Then Xavier put the case file down… and burst out laughing! Not a evil laugh, but a nice laugh!


Everybody was looking around. What was Xavier laughing about?

“Thanks guys, but you didn’t have to do this… I’m already okay!”


“Here, give me a paper, I’ll explain everything…”


My Story

by Xavier

Nobody knows why I and Anakin turned dark. THIS is the reason. One day, after I got back home from school, my mom and sister were siting on the couch, with swollen, red eyes. I had a bad feeling about that.

I asked them, “W-What happened?”

The answer was like a horror. “D-D-Dad got in a car crash…”


I felt like dark Anakin inside. I just turned dark. Same with Anakin. That is my story. Sure, Chuck sort of persuaded me to get evil, but I was just upset. I shouldn’t have been so dramatic! So I hired Sterling for support, but I don’t really need it anymore, because Dad is now fine! So, yeah, I’m better, and so is Anakin!

P.S Can you save me a seat at lunch tomorrow? Thanks!

Sterling’s Comment: I haven’t been making much profit. :/



by Cam

So, there you have it. Xavier’s story. Xavier was the good Xavier the rest of the night and the next day, but Chuck surely isn’t… we have to be careful…

Also, at lunch, Xavier explained the remote control thing Ella spotted was for the game Minecraft. He said his controller broke, so he bought a new one.

General Grievious and the bad Cad Bane are concerning me though. They could strike at any moment. Lukas said he wanted revenge, but he hasn’t gotten it… yet.

Credits: sfcamster (me) as Cam, empireforpalpatine as Sterling, LTROCKS as Lukas and Augusten, Foldawan as Jake, John as John, sfprincessella as Bella, captainorigami as Chuck, Xavier as Xavier, OY217 as Kyle, SFHansel as Hansel,

Edited by sfcamster. Special thanks to Xavier for being the cover star!




9 comments on “Episode 2- The Fall of Anakin

  1. Can i write a chapter here? Or not? Cause im the bad guy, so you wirte the chapters, right? Cause the point of this is to convince me to be good again.

    • In Darth Paper Harvey made chapters didn’t he?

    • I wrote a chapter, but its not there??????

    • Cam, I wrote a chapter, but its not appering. ):

  2. I don’t know how what the chapters should be like. If I did I would send in a chapter. Sorry. 😦

  3. Hey, I have a new idea for the next one:
    Trying to get ride of me, Hansel, and our evil Bounty Hunter gang (when this happens, we’ll have a gang of Bounty Hunters, I’m the leader by the way.

    • You think that’s a good idea?

  4. I just wrote one… but i don’t see it… 😦

  5. Ha ha! I love Sterling’s comment! :mrgreen:

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