Episode 4- Empire Folds Back

A short time ago, in a school not so far, far away…




Chaos! In desprerate attempt to destroy Ethan, and his evil puppet, Darth Sidious, Cam and his friends assemble a rescue squad to defeat the Dark Side. But the Dark Side is growing, and little do the friends know that Ethan has been up to something too…

Oh No…

by Cam

No, no, please no! Not more war! It’s like we’ve been doing good and then everybody is becoming evil! Lukas stood up to Chuck, we (sort of) stopped Sterling by doing that, and we (sort of) kept Xavier from going to the Dark Side. So, why, WHY, are we now getting assaulted by Nerf bullets?

Okay, I better back up. We, some students in Bell Middle School, made some origami finger puppets. The amazing thing is they used the Force and helped us out!

BUT, after all this, Chuck, who had a Cad Bane puppet, now turned to his master, Ethan. He and his puppet Darth Sidious, has brought evil at it’s highest yet. Yet. That word makes me shiver…

But anyway, despite the friends we’ve been making, Ethan has been putting up signs that say, “Become our ally. Join the table.”

The first time we heard of this was when this kid, Conrad, came to our table. He was like, “Is this where I sign up?”

And we were all, “Whuh?”

“Is this where I sign up for the Dark Side?”

Everybody was still confused, so I said, “Which is…”

“Oh no. You’re the Good Guys. I’m supposed to destroy you-”

“NOT YET!” We whirled around to see Chuck stomping down to meet us. He motioned him over and whispered harshly in his ear.

When they were out of earshot, Jessenia said, “What’s that mean?”

“It means,” Jake said grimly, “That Order 66 is coming.”

“Oh no,” said John, “we need to prepare.”

“Yes!” Lukas, “What do we do?”

“Build our defenses,” I said, “Do you having some more needle guns, Lukas?”

The Defenses

by Cam

So, we added some defenses: Four needle gun turrets on the table, for every lunch. We also added needle guns to our puppets! Even though Obi-Wan, my puppet, has a lightsaber, a blaster is always good, you know?

So our defenses are looking good!


Defence Works

by Xavier

So, when I heard about Order 66 coming, I decided to upgrade Anakin. I first got a needle gun and some needles. But because I thought that Chuck and Ethan might:

A. Try to shoot me, also with neeedles


B. Try to destroy my Anakin.

So i thought that I need to add some armor. I took some of old sheets and put layers of them on Anakin. He might look silly. But he is well prepared, the same as me. Now there was no way they could destroy Anakin! We, the superfolders of Bell Middle school, are READY for war…


The New Guy

by John

Okay, there is a lot to type here so I won’t type it all. Let me get to the point…

So this new guy (an origami MASTER!) came to our school. He was in our grade so after class I went up and introduced myself. He said, “Hey, I’m Ben.”

So I asked him what he liked to do…

He replied, “I like Minecraft and origami.”

I was so happy!

“Origami!? Me too!”

Then the bell rang and we went to different class. I found him at lunch and asked him if he wanted to sit at out table. So he came over, and I introduced you guys to him. Then Chuck came… and he was not alone.


Attack of the Empire!

by Cam

“I have a bad feeling about this…” I muttered.

Chuck and other were running toward us with Nerf Guns, Airsoft Guns, and Needle Guns.

“Get your puppets! Lock in defend position!” I shouted. I ducked as a needle flew over my head. Xavier and John were taking cover under the table.

“Man the turrets!” Lukas shouted. Then he ran towards the Empire.

“He’s a like a warrior…” I muttered.

“Okay, lets do something about this, guys!” Xavier said, standing up with  Anakin. EVERYONE on our table stood up.


Needles flew through the air!

“LUKAS! Come here!” Kyle shouted from behind a table. Lukas dove to him.

“I have an idea,” said Kyle.

I, in the meantime, was getting showered by needles. Some were hitting Obi-Wan. My only weapon. We were outnumbered. We were-

“I SURRENDER!” shouted Lukas. At his feet was Cad Bane. Ripped. Their fire stopped, and Sterling came over to take away Lukas (I don’t know where). I was horrified. Maybe he wasn’t a warrior. Then all of a sudden I realised something. That wasn’t his CURRENT Cad Bane. It was the old, destroyed Cad Bane!! I hid a smirk. I knew what he was doing.

He whipped out Cad Bane and in a second Sterling was down, but okay. The needle firing continued. Sterling was one of their best, so it’d be harded for the Empire now…

“We need to end this, guys! We can’t win.” said Jake. I agreed. I got an idea.

“Follow me,” I said.

I ran out of the cafeteria. Right to the principal’s office.


The Empire Folds Back

by Cam

Everybody is probably wondering why the Empire Folds Back was the name I gave this case file. The rest of these files explain why. I ran to the principal’s office, but the principal wasn’t there. We all had crammed ourselves in there. And we couldn’t get out! Just when it looked like we would rip apart the Empire, it was like they Folded Back.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Xavier roared.

They looked like the Death Star… lasers were connecting… they were about to fire when…

Clop, clop, clop…

The shooting stopped. There was Mr. Angleberger, our awesome Science teacher!

“Oh, sorry boys coming through…”

A bright idea came into my head.

“MR. ANGLEBERGER!! I was so interested in that lesson about radio waves today!!! And so were my friends! Could you…”

We were free! It was true, I enjoyed the Radio Waves thing, but I wanted to save us… We talked until class. I’ll never forget that. But the Empire just kept coming.


I’m Down First

by Lukas

I have to tell you what happend when we left the office. Something sharp hit the back of my neck. It was a needle. MY VERY OWN NEEDLE! Only to be used if you have to put someone to sleep! I looked back.

“ChuCk…” I spat out and passed out.

Back at home, I took out Cad (the real one! I hid him in my closet!).

“Cad help me…” I could barely spit out.

“It’s too late.” He said.



by Tanner

hi im tanner. im a star wars nerd, so, yeah. oh, also, I like totally wanna join your battle thing. and my puppet, ahsoka also want to join. so, I geuss ill tell you about myself. I grew up in Alabama with my mom, leia. I know what your thinking, she allergic to peanut butter. surprisingly no, no she is not. so anyway, I have something that could really help you out in battle. shocker missles. they are kinda like needles, only when they land. if I text someone, it zaps with electricity what ever it on.! but, any way. my mom says I talk to much. which I think isnt true. I talk a normal amount of regularness of talking, or what ever you say when you wanna describe the reularness of tal. (I ran out of paper)

The Army

by Hansel

Note from Cam: This was stolen on a mission by Xavier. It contains big info from an enemy leader, Hansel.

I was asked by Ethan to make a larger army. So, I went to the 6th graders and asked each classroom. Most of the kids who said yes were troublemakers. Good…. Good…. I assigned each kid a clone trooper and a nerf gun. I took my sweater and wrapped the sleeves around my neck. I put on my hood. Finally took my cross lightsaber and attached it to my belt.

Since my Grievous got destroyed by falling in a toaster, I had a new puppet. I can’t say who, even in a secret chapter… All I can say really is “The Dark Side… has Awoken!”



10 comments on “Episode 4- Empire Folds Back

  1. Can you change the name of my title? If so, make it say, The new guy

  2. I submitted a chapter

  3. Lol I was hiding under the table

    • Hey John, Puppet Wars is back on. Are you in?

  4. We need to finish this story

    • Agreed. Are you in and alive?

  5. can i be Kyle in the next one please?

    • Yes, how can I contact you?

  6. no wait actually I’ll be mace wind

    • Hey, are you still interested in being a part of Puppet Wars? Episode 5 is going to continue late December/early January.

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