Episode 5- The Fold Awakens!

 A short time ago, in a school not so far, far away…


EPISODE 5: The Fold Awakens!


The war continues! Both sides grow weary of the war, and it seems like a truce may come. Needle guns have been banned, but a silent war seems to continue on… how will it end?


by Cam

It’s been a long war.

Dodging food, surviving PE, and ducking under needle guns—it’s been tough. (Thankfully, needle guns got banned from school recently.)

I keep wanting to give up, but my Obi-Wan origami puppet tells me if I give up, the bullies will rule. At least, that’s what I think he’s saying. It’s crazy that I go to my own origami puppet for advice… but it works, most of the time.

I’m trying to lead our side, but I’m becoming worn. I’m not sure how much longer I can keep this up.

This case file has been gathered to tell how the war ends—which means it can be long or short—we’ll see…

Holiday Break

by Cam

December rolled around, and holiday break started at our school. Our fellow Dark Side students would finally stop annoying and destroying us, but it also kind of put the war on suspense. (Cue the suspense music.)

It gave me time to write down what was happening with my fellow Light Siders…

Now, the Light Siders… They were life-savers. Without them, I would have lost long ago and my origami Obi-Wan would have been destroyed. The Dark Side bullies didn’t exactly relent their attacks, but with my united friends we seemed to be able to handle them.

It was a weird group of friends I had, but after sharing the Origami Yoda Series with them, we had decided to try it at our school. The author, Tom Angleberger, was brilliant. (Huh, there’s a teacher at our school, Mr. Angleberger. Weird.) I had decided to try folding origami Star Wars puppets with friends and boom! The Force. Maybe? I don’t know.

Anyhow, this is a list of the Light Side Members that are fighting the Dark Side with me right now:

  • Kyle/Boba Fett
  • Jessenia/Yoda
  • Bella/Chewbacca & Han Solo
  • Lukas/Cad Bane
  • John/Kit Fisto
  • Jake/Luke Skywalker

Plus, some new kids moved in. One is named Hector, and he folded a Mace Windu and joined us! The other one was named Zachery and he folded an origami IG-88.

So those boosts in numbers were a help. On the other side are Hansel, Chuck/Cad Bane, and Ethan with… well, we finally got a good look at his puppet, but I’ll let Zachery tell you that part.

But finally over the holidays I made peace with the whole thing. My family kind of knew about the war—at least, they knew most of it—and provided support. For once, for a while I was at peace… and then the second semester came.

IG-88’s Stealth Mission

by Zachery

Um… hi. I’m new to Bell Middle School and I like Star Wars, Origami, and the Origami Yoda series.

So, I made a origami IG-88. I told everyone that he can do a bounty for you if you have something to trade. And… someone called.

Person: Hi, I’m Cam and I have a bounty for you.

Me/IG-88: What do you have to trade?

Cam: Will a bag of Star Wars crackers work?

Me/IG-88: I guess. So what do you want me to do?

Cam: Well there’s this kid named Ethan. He has a origami Sith, but another kid named Chuck won’t let me tell anyone who it is… could you go find out who it is and tell my friends Xavier, Lukas, and Jake.

Me/IG-88: I’ll see what I can do.

The next day, I found out who it was. It turned out I didn’t need to do too much work at all. Besides, those Star Wars crackers kept me energized. I came over and asked Ethan if he needed a bounty done for him.

Ethan [holding out puppet]: No… join our side you must.

Me/IG-88: Beep! (Translation: It’s Emperor Papertine! Gah!)

Ethan/Emperor Papertine: Join us… it is your destiny!

Me/IG-88: Um, I’ll think about it.

And I got out of there!

Cam’s Comment: I’m glad Zachery found out. The more we know about Ethan the better. Naturally, Ethan found out, and his revenge… it wasn’t good.

So, I was walking in the hall with IG-88 on my finger, seeing if anyone wanted me to do something for them. That is, until Ethan came with an ILLEGAL needle gun and shot my IG-88.

I was so mad, it’s hard to remember what happened. Kyle, who was there with me, told me I was screaming at him. Then a teacher came and put me in ISS. Ethan snickered, and when I got back home I decided to make an origami C3-P0 and R2-D2, named C3-PFold, or Threepifold, and Art2-D2. Here’s our conversation:

Art2: *beep boop beep!*

Threepifold: No more adventures!

Me: Whats he saying?

Threepifold: He suggests we get revenge on Ethan, but that just wouldn’t be proper!

Me: No, no, I think he has a point. But I don’t want to do this solo, I mean, IG-88 is one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy, and one kid destroyed him!

Art2: *beep! boop-beep!*

Threepifold: What light side team? And what war?

Me: Oh yeah, there’s this kid named Cam who is leading some war with other kids against Ethan. Great idea Art2! Lets do it!

Threepifold: Sir, the possibility of winning this war is approximately 3,720 to 1.

Me: Never tell me the odds. We are going to join them!

Threepifold: I really don’t see how that is going to help! Surrender is a perfectly acceptable alternative in extreme circumstances! The Dark Side members may be gracious enough to—

Me: We’re doing it. *puts them on desk*

Threepifold: This thing only has 3 legs! Sir, it’s quite possible this desk is not entirely stable. *I leave the room*

Me, C3-PFold, and Art2-D2 are in with the light side!

The Cousin and the Message

by Kyle

Cam, I must tell you something interesting that happened today.

I was in the principal’s office (don’t ask why, it’s a bit awkward) sitting on a chair, waiting. Soon, Bella (from our side) came to tell me that the principal wasn’t able to come this time, so I made a “sigh” of calm, you know, like a “phew” but—okay, never mind.

Before I left the room, Bella took out something from her pocket. It was my Boba! (Again, someone used it).

“Your cousin gave me this, take it,” she said. I couldn’t even tell her that, actually, I don’t have any cousins… But that’s not the only thing, Cam!

I got a piece of paper in my sandwich (why was it there??) at lunch with a message on it that said: “Tell Cameron that he must give me all of his origami pieces, all of them. Or else, every day that passes, an origami piece of his friends will disappear. Don’t ask how, it will disappear. Get ready dude. xoxo. Ethan ;D”

Bro, I don’t know what are your thoughts on this… I don’t want to lose my Boba (again…)

Cam’s Comment: This whole Boba-disappearing thing is starting to be worthy of an entire case file of its own. Why has Boba been disappearing? How did Ethan get in your locker? How is Ethan putting paper in your sandwich? Is he some kind of evil Sherlock Holmes?

A Message For Cam

by Ethan

Hello Cam. Ethan here. You may noticed that I gave Kyle a message. Do you consider me as an evil Sherlock Holmes? Haha, dear, there’s already a name for that. I admire Professor Moriarty, Holmes’ enemy, and you can tell I act like him. Oh! Also, hope you don’t get angry if I put your name in the boy’s bathroom mirror with red marker and a drawing of your foldy wan. Welcome mate!! Did I tell you an origami piece would disappear everyday you don’t give me your origami piece? Well, where’s Jessenia’s yoda?? Oh wait, here it is. Well, his ears, anyway. Take them and enjoy them!

(×) Jessenia (x)

Who’s next? I would recommend giving me your pieces today.

Your bestie Ethan ❤

Cam’s Comment: This is starting to get freaky. My best (and scariest) theory is we have a traitor among us that is giving this stuff to Ethan. But I trust everyone. How is Professor Ethanpants doing all of this? Maybe if he’s Sherlock Holmes’s enemy, it’s time for one of us to be Sherlock.

Kyle: Um, guys, the body of what looks like an origami Yoda appeared in my locker, without the ears…

What is Up with Ethan?

by Lukas

I might have told you that I live in a place that is creepy, very creepy.

And that no one would go there unless they have a good reason to be there.

Today I went right to my house, and noticed that in the front garden there was a piece of paper. I picked it up, it said: “Day 2: Cad Bane. Chuck will be pleased.” (My old buddy, Chuck, and I had a long rivalry of… well, Cam wrote about it in Episode 3.)

I went up to my room and didn’t see Cad! I asked my mom where he was, and she said, “Young boy, you know that stealing is bad. I gave back the origami piece to the poor kid who came here for it. Go to your bedroom now.”

Cam, Cad Bane is gone.

The Kiddo Recruits!

by Zachery

Hey, guys. Zachery here, owner of Threepifold and Art2. Just so you know, you guys can skip this one, it doesn’t have much to do with our fight. We got some new recruits, but I don’t think they’re going to be much help. So, after school one day, I had to pick up my brother, Emmet, at preschool. So, I got in, not knowing that they had a special event going on. They were learning ORIGAMI!

I thought I should show him my folds, but I decided not to, because he might damage them. So, instead, I showed him how to make a Ewok. Somehow, he managed to figure out how to make arms and feet on it, even though he’s—pardon me for saying so—really bad at origami. (I think I know how he made the arms and legs, though.)

He showed all his friends that, and soon there were dozens of kids with Ewoks shouting gibberish. Threepifold could manage to translate it, so here’s what they said: Utinni! Yub Nub! I have a bad feeling about this! My diaper needs changing! Etc.

I tried to calm them all down, but that wasn’t working. I asked my droids for help, and Threepifold caught their attention.

Random Kid: Shiny!

Random Kid 2: Is he made of gold?

Other kids: Ooooooooo!

Then they used their fingers to make them sorta bend up and down, like they were… bowing?

C3-PFold: I do believe they think I am some sort of shiny, gold, god.

Me: Works for me! C’mon Emmet, we’re leaving!

Emmet: Can I take Wicket with me?

Me: *rolling eyes* Yes…

Emmet/Wicket: Yub Nub!

And so we left. My brother also somehow heard about the light side vs dark side stuff, and he asked if he could join. When I was going to make a excuse (something like “I can’t give you permission, only my friends can” or “We’re full”), my mom said “Of course you can!”

The next day, he told me he asked ALL of his friends if they wanted to be a jedi, and of course they all said yes.

So, we now unofficially have my brother and his friends in our fight against Ethan… (I’ll probably tell him that the Republic just turned into the Empire and they are going to use the Death Star on us or something).

Day 3

by Ethan

Day 3: I’m still waiting dear 😉 Here you are, Boba’s head, Kyle’s origami piece. Love ya!

Cam’s Comment: This can’t go on much longer. What are we going to do?

Ethan’s Secrets

by Elijah

Dear Cam,

Hi. i’m Elijah and i know lots of things about Ethan that can help you. i know because i am Ethan’s cousin, but i am on your side and i am not teaming up with Ethan or Chuck.

I even made a Nein Numb puppet, and i got origami yoda’s lightsaber back, because Ethan said that it had no force power and that i could have it! So Cam i will see you soon.

Sincerely, Elijah

Meeting of the Council

by Cam

Attendance: Cam, Lukas, Kyle, Zachery, Elijah, John, Xavier, Bella, Jessenia, and Jake

Place: John’s House

Cam: This is CRAZY! Where is Ethan getting all the information of where we have our puppets?

Lukas: It is nuts. Day 4 is almost upon us. We need a plan of action. I’m ready to do something; it’s horrifying to just watch everything disappear.

Zachery: My IG-88!

Jessenia: That was my best Yoda!

Lukas: I need to make ANOTHER Cad Bane…

Kyle: Don’t forget Boba Fett!

Zachery: Well, we have to do something quick.

John: Well, I had an idea. What if we have a spy in our mist, giving Ethan information.

[Long pause]

Kyle: Nah, I don’t think so. Everyone seems trustworthy.

John: But it’s how you win wars. Spies. Undercover stuff.

Cam: Maybe we should do some undercover stuff…

[Another long pause, broken by a loud CRASH outside]

John [with a yelp]: What in Tattooine was that?

Jake [looking out window]: I don’t see anything.

Lukas: Okay… anyway… Maybe, it could help find out stuff. If we went undercover, I mean.

Xavier: But it’s scary! These guys sniff out information like hounds! Trust me, I know.

Cam: Oh. Well, Xavier… would you do it?

Xavier: Do what?

[Everyone looks back and forth between us]

Cam: Would you spy for us?

Xavier: No! Never again. I’m not going back.

Kyle: I’ll do it.

Jake, John, Elijah, and Zachery: What?

Kyle: I’ll be the spy.

Cam [nodding]: Okay, Kyle… take Rey to help you. [Takes out Rey origami puppet from The Force Awakens]

[Xavier nods once.]

John [with a smile]: We believe in you, Kyle.

Zachery: Well, I guess that’s it.

John: Meeting adjourned.

Tips for the Secret Mission

by Xavier

Kyle, before you go for your spy mission, I thought I could give you a little advice/tips about the Dark Side group. I don’t know Ethan too well, but some time ago Chuck took me to join them. Unfortunately, I fell for their lies and turned bad for some time. Luckily my friends saved me, but I KNOW the influence of those bullies. Okay, I’ll get to the point. Here are the tips:

1. Don’t talk to them. If they see you, pretend to be doing something else.

2. If they see you, don’t show fear (I know you might not be scared, but just in case). They can see it and will get to you and you will be hurt.

3. If they find you and don’t stop stalking/bullying you, tell us. We will fight this together. No one can accomplish something big alone. Power is in greater groups. There.

I know there might be more, but I don’t have more time. Sorry I didn’t write more chapters, but I had a lot of homework over these past months. I believe in the succeeding of your mission, and our fight with the Dark Side. Good luck, and May the Force Be with You.

Cam’s Comment: No problem Xavier. Thanks for the help… Kyle is going to need it.

It’s Getting Worse!

by Zachery

This’ll be a really short chapter, just so you know.

My Art2-D2 and C3-PFold are missing, and Ethan left this: “Oh, I heard you over at John’s house. I was just going there to pick up his Kit Fisto! But, thanks for letting me know you guys are desperate!”

But, we still have an advantage. Last night we heard a crash outside John’s, and I’m guessing that means Ethan fell off the tree. And it was before Kyle volunteered! So, that means two things: 1. He’s injured and/or 2. He doesn’t know who the spy is. I suspect both, which is a good thing. But, he’s suspecting all of us. Who here has the most likely puppet to spy with?

I also wanted to say good luck on the spying, Kyle. May the Force be with you.

Wicket/Emmet: (in ewokese) Goot luck on spying, Kyle! For yub nub and ta protection of ta puppets! Kush show em’!

I don’t have C3-P0 or R2 anymore, but I know what they would say.

C3-PFold’s Translation: Good luck on spying, Kyle! For freedom and the protection of the puppets! You show em’!

Art2-D2: *whistle* *beep* *beep*!

Keeping up with the Dark Side

by Kyle

Well, here I am. I’m writing this while I’m waiting for Ethan to come.

Since I’m the spy I gotta say I wanna join. First I arrived at the table of Chuck, and asked to join. He was all like “um, why would you join…” but at the end he told me to wait outside the boy’s bathroom (the Dark Side is strange).

Oh. Ethan is here.


Okay, here is our conversation:

Ethan: Hello, dear.

Me: Um, hey.

Ethan: Please, sit down.

Me: Where am I supposed to sit? This is the bathroom.

Ethan *stares deeply*: Why would you, Kyle, join us?

Me: Because, I have realized that you are better than us—

Ethan: Ahh, liar, liar, liar…

Me: I’m being honest.

Ethan: Would you lose your head to prove you are saying the truth?

Me: …

Ethan. That’s what I thought. Now, this is day four. Did you know that?

Me: Yeah…

Ethan: Do you know which origami piece is gonna disappear today?

Me: Not really…

Ethan: Well, you should. What is golden and annoying? *takes out Threepifold*

Me: Oh my…

Ethan: Zachery’s little baby. Ahh, look at it. Awesome. Dude, if you want to join, you’ll have to do something simple. Take this threepi-whatever and put it into the toilet.

Me: Why?

Ethan *shouting*: YOU DON’T WANT TO JOIN DO YOU?

Me: *sighs*

Oh gosh.

Okay guys, I’m really sorry but I had to do it… please forgive me Zachery.

Ethan: Good, good. Welcome to the Dark Side, Kyle.

I was about to leave when he said something else.

Ethan: By the way, could you please tell my dear ‘cousin’ that he is the next? Thanks man.

Secrets Revealed



Add on guys!

Important Note from sfcamster: If you are all wondering HOW this is happening, don’t worry. I have a plot twist to explain all of this… including some mysteries of earlier files. So don’t try to explain everything in a chapter, just play along and then I’ll bring it together. 😉



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  1. Wait so I’m a main character now? Awesome!

    • Pretty much! Zachery was very well done so thank you!

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