Puppet Wars!


I’m starting a new way of submitting stories than the old-fanshioned pad of paper method. Anyone will now be able to submit a story! Just enter your SF name, character name, puppet (from Star Wars), chapter title, and write your chapter!

You can do this by scrolling to the bottom of one of the latest episodes. There should be a submission “form” there.

Episode 1- A New Fold

Episode 2- The Fall of Anakin

Episode 3- Battle of the Cad Banes

Episode 4- The Empire Folds Back

Episode 5- The Fold Awakens!





3 comments on “Puppet Wars!

  1. Can I request my own made story instead of Star Wars, though Star Wars will eventually be in it. I’ve been thinking this up since I was 6, and now its coming together. I would like to see it come to life with your art. Drawing it all out (what I’ve been doing) is something anyone can do if they have the patience. You use an awesome unique talent! 😉

    • Its got a unique way of joining the Star Wars story. Mac Adventure. Mac is a dimensional freedom fighter. He wasn’t always though. I will give that to you once I have a way of making it an origami style store.

      • story*

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