Episode 1- A New Fold

A short time ago, in a school not so far, far away…




Kids from a middle school are entangled with a tough question: Is the Force real? They all have made origami Star Wars puppet that seem to be using the Force.

Using a case file, the kids hope to untangle a mystery…

by Cam

I’ve been wondering about a starnge question: Is the Force real? My friends and I all have our own finger puppets that seem to use the Force!

Maybe it’s a coincidence, though. I don’t know. So I’ve brought my friends together to write experiences about the possiblility of the Force being used.

Hopefully, once we finish this case file, we’ll have an answer!


Jango Fett and Me

By Josh

Alright, first a little intro…

I have a seven year old sister, Nicki, who LOVES this show called “Friendly Flutter Fairies”. After school we usually race to the remote. Nicki ALWAYS wins.

Then my friend Cam started this case file about, “Is the Force real?” stuff. Well, I made a Jango and I wanted to test him out, so I did.

I did for two reasons:

1. I haven’t watched Star Wars for the last 3 months!

2. In order to find out if the Force is real, I have to know if my Jango HAS the Force.

So when Nicki got the remote today, I got out my Jango and asked him this:

“How can I put a stop to all this?”

Immediately my mouth made Jango say, “Watch it with her. Only for today…”

I was like, WHAT THE FETT? But I took his advice…

I sat down and watched it for ten minutes. It was HORRIBLE! But then a commercial came on…

“Buy, all NEW Star Wars mugs! You can buy Yoda, Obi-Wan, and now Princess Leia!”

Nicki turned to me and said, “They have a PRINCESS?”

“Yeah. But not like a gown and stuff. She shoots guns and marries a handsome guy with a giant Wookiee.”

You won’t believe what she said!

“That sounds like MY kind of princess! Can we watch that Star-Thingy now? This show is worse than green spaghetti!”

Jango looked up at me. He smiled!

We watched all 6 movies. (Cam’s note: Wow!) She said she liked the fairies. I was all like, “WHAT?” until I realized she was talking about the Geonesians.

LOL! Hopes this helps the case file, Cam!


Josh’s Comment: Wands? Oh, you mean the lightsabers. Now we watch Star Wars EVERY DAY! Gooooooooo Jangoooo!


Yoda Jedi Wise?

By Jessenia

Okay, so recently I broke my hand. I took Origami Yoda with me very nervously to the doctor’s office.

“Brave you must be!!!” cried Origami Yoda.

“How? I’m getting stitches out! I’M SCARED I-”

“Who are you talking to? The doctor will think you’re crazy!”

“Sorry, Mom.”

But Origami Yoda continued anyway:

“Jedi Mind Trick you must useeee! Hmmm?”

Without another word, I did it. I was meditating.Here were the words I replayed in my head, trying to pull off a Jedi Mind Trick.

*Please don’t make this hard. Please don’t make the doctor bring the big ol’ pliers to pry them off.*


“Hello, Ms. Jessenia.”

“Oh, hello!” I said nervously.

“Well guess what!? I brought the easy take-it-off scissors! Won’t hurt a bit!”

*laying down being treated*

Origami Yoda: Haha!

Me: Hmmm… I should listen to you more often.

Doctor: All done!

Me: Already? I didn’t feel a thing.

Doctor: Yup!

Origami Yoda: *grins*


The Force is AWESOME

by Lukas

OK, so I was at a restaurant with my family. This restaurant was crazy! Seriously, why was there spaghetti taped to the wall? I didn’t want anyone to see me there, when all of a sudden Hadley (who annoyed me a lot a school that day) entered the building!

I didn’t want her seeing me so I asked my origami Cad Bane what to do.

Me: “What do I do? I don’t want Hadley seeing me here!”

Cad Bane: “Blend in with this place.”

Me: “Are you sure this is going to work?”

Cad Bane: “74% positive!”

Me: “That’s not 100% Bane!”

Not right! That wasn’t like Cad Bane! Then I went to rip him off my finger, but he crawled into my pocket (I asked Lukas if Cad REALLY “crawled” into his pocket, and he said yes! Scary to me if that’s really true.). Then I saw Hadley approaching, I didn’t know what to do so I did what Bane said. I tried to blend in. Hadley and her family sat down at the table next to mine, and guess what? They didn’t notice me (or my family) a bit!


The Origami Jawa and the New Game

by Cam

This story started in the library of our school. We never had computers to play games or check emails in the library, so we were constantly trying to think of games.

Well, we read the Origami Yoda series and it gave us some quiet games we could play!

There was Trench Run, Pencil Podracing, and the awesome game where the X-Wings and TIE Fighters battle with pencil flicks around the Death Star!

That was all for a while. Everybody loved playing those games, yet we were always trying to think of new ones.

Then one day, before school, I went with my friend Xavier to the library. I heard a crunch on one of my steps.

I looked down. An origami Jawa. On the back was the word “Uttini!”

At first I thought, “Since ‘Uttini’ is the battle cry of the Jawas, am I going to be attacked?”

Xavier must have been thinking the same thing, because we just silently stared around for a minute. I started looking for possible escapes if something happened. But not this time.

After a few minutes of waiting for possible attack we left.

However, the Jawa gave me an idea. I took out Obi-Wan Foldobi and put him on one finger. Then I put the Jawa on another finger.

They had a little thumb wrestle. Obi-Wan won. Then I battled Xavier and his Anakin.

Xavier/Anakin won. I realized these thumb wrestles were also a great game!

So today we play it in the library, and everyone seems to be glad to have a new game!


Guardian at Watch

by Sterling

Cam’s Note: One day we met this guy named Sterling. I never knew him, though he went to my class. But then he handed me this chapter, so here it is…

Ok, so I hear that these new puppets are in the rise. I’ll make this quick. If you suspect you need protection, I and my Royal Guards are for hire. Text me at 772-1294. My services are charge-free. If you upgrade to the premium package which is $20 bucks a month, a free random Star Wars puppet if given as a gift. So there. Also keep in mind I am super-crazy. This message will explode in 3…2…1…Nah just kiddi-SKADOOSH!!!


Kit Fisto and the New Store

by John

So I was reading the other chapters and thought, I need to make a puppet. So, I went home after school and went to my desk. I got some paper and started folding. In a little while I had a nice kirigami Kit Fisto.

I wanted to test him, So I asked him where I should get my food. I heard myself say, “You gotta wait kid, Its not done yet.”

I stared at him. He WAS real (not that I didn’t believe you guys). So I sat down and watched TV. Then I saw an ad about a new store, called “The Star Wars Store”. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Kit was right. Now I can see why he wanted me to wait! Since then, I’ve been going there to get my food, And I hope you guys do to!

Cam’s Comment: Their food is the best! And I love their Star Wars toys!


Jango and the Room Clean

by Josh

Hey everybody. Me again. My mom told me to clean my room. Ugh.

“Jango, why do I have to clean my room? I want to go to Lagoon instead!” (lagoon is the most awesome theme park ever!!!!)

“Mehhh… Just clean it.”

“You sound like my mom.”

“Hey. Jango’s all bout fam’ly, am I right?” So I cleaned my room.

“Oh! You cleaned your room!!!”

“Um, yeah.”

“Well, now we have time to go to Lagoon with Your friend Cam.”

And Jango saves the day again!!!!! YAAAAAY!


The Water Spill

by John

So, I was making some origami at my house, and at that time was making Plo Koon. It was turning out pretty good! When I was done I put him on my finger. I couldn’t wait to show my friends at school!

But he said, “Don’t put me in your backpack.”

“Well, how am I going to show you to my friends?”

He said, “You can’t.”

“Why not?” I replied.

He said, “I’ll get destroyed.”

“No you won’t,” I fired back.

And put him in my backpack. (worst mistake ever!!!!!!!!!!) Then I put my other stuff in like my water bottle and lunch and left for school. Well, You might say I forgot to put the lid on my water bottle and it, well, it spilled and that was the end of Plo Koon.



Jango’s Message

by Josh

I finally understood why the Force picked Jango for me.

Jango is a mean, tough, and violent (and awesome) bounty hunter. But he’s one of the only people in the SW Universe that cares for his son. He cares for his family. Jango needs me to bond with my family.

He got Nikki to like Star Wars, ending the Remote Wars. He got Mom to take us to Lagoon by cleaning my room, showing my mom that I would be obedient for her. He really helped me out!

Cam and everyone else still have to find the meanings of their puppets, and I was the first one.


A New Fold

by Cam

I thought long and hard about all of these stories. Just sorta kept reading them. And I realized Josh was right. All of our puppets have their own abilities, maybe even the Force. I wondered about that question. Is the Force REAL? With all of these files, I thought that the Force MUST be real.

But something weird went on after school a few days ago. I was walking home (my home is 3 blocks from school) and I passed Xaviers house. He seemed to be fiddling with his Anakin.

“Hey,” I said.

“Hello…” he said. He looked upset, and I felt like his face was foreshadowing a thought.

“Josh is moving away,” he blurted quietly. I felt like a popped balloon.

“WHAT?” I shouted. I couldn’t believe it.

“Please… just go away…” Xavier said.

“Listen, I’m your friend. I’ll stand by you. Can I help you with anything?”

“Just go away,” he replied, a little fiercer.

So that whole thing was weird and sad. And it just got worse. Later that day, I found a note on my doorstep. It was from Josh.

I forgot to mention it to you guys… I’m moving. I don’t think the Force or family can get memory of this one. My dad was offered millions of dollars in some other state, and he accepted. Bye guys…

Then, things got worse. I went to Jake, my friend, later the next day to find him looking VERY upset.

“Luke’s been ripped!” he cried. I looked. Luke, in two pieces, was in his hand.

I tried to say something to cheer him up. It didn’t work, but then I said, “We can make a new one.”
Jake lit up and we developed new Luke instrux. He has a new Luke now, and he looks pretty awesome. Looks better than his old one in my opinion. It even has a little hand.

But at the end of the development of a new Luke, I looked down at the ripped old Luke in Jake’s hand. I sighed. Things were going to be different this year at Bell Middle School.

Maybe it was the Force, but I looked at the ripped old Luke and I knew what happened:

The Puppet Wars had begun.





Credits: sfcamster (me) as Cam, empireforpalpatine as Sterling, LTROCKS as Lukas, Jessenia as Jessenia, Foldawan as Jake, John as John, and SFJoshua as Josh!

Edited by sfcamster. Special thanks to Foldawan for being the cover star! 



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