The Camese Language!

Here’s my language, full of (stigen) adjectives and adverbs. 😀 If you are unsure what I’m saying sometimes, you may want to look it up here. * = favorite word


Ack- Genuine

Balachen- Hello*

Custa- Wow

Dawston- Beautiful

Dembluh- Legit

Elederedon- Incredible

Fezza- Slow

Gonglogon- Yummy

Inbetweegen- Okay, not good yet not bad*

Migen- No, horrible, bad*

Stigen- Awesome X3,000*

Tenstan- Scaryly

Wee- Yes*

X-Masa- Powerful

Yalayoo- Cool

Zadataban- Fast






10 comments on “The Camese Language!

  1. Wee = oui in French XD

  2. Wee and Ack are already words…

  3. ack

  4. Custa

  5. This was one of the first blogs I saw when I made NiceGamingAdvice! It’s crazy to think that I’ve gotten so far from there! Also, I completely forgot about this blog until now, so sorry! I’ll be checking in on it when I can! 😀

    • Wow! That’s cool to know!

      Thanks for following me, as I have you. Despite only meeting your blog about a week ago, it is entertaining and you have been very kind to me on Okay Gaming, so I respect that and thank you!

      I look forward to seeing where you take your blog!

      • Lol, the link you sent is just a ton of code. I don’t think the poll sent

      • It shows that at the bottom of every comment. You have one too at your comments. XD

    • Awesome! Also, I have this other website. Not sure if it’s in your taste, but it means a lot to me. Here’s the official invite:

      You have been invited to follow Turning the Tide, an organization I created that uses art to raise awareness about plastic litter’s effect on the ocean.

      You can find it at

      Thanks a ton! 🙂

  6. Never mind that, it just doesn’t show the thumbs up in the notifications tab.

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